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In other news. . . .

iPhone Poisoning
News Headline: “Police: Girl,12, tried to poison mother twice for taking away iPhone.”
They grow up so fast, don’t they?

QT Early Warning System Redux

+ Dave Carr, an Owen Sound, Ontario, reader, regarding reports that genetically modified mosquitoes might be dangerous, which prompted QT to wonder if swat teams were being assembled, writes:
“Or perhaps a sting operation?”
+ Beverly Feldt, a Homewood, Ill., reader, writes:
“Anopheles stories!”
Stop it.
Stop it now.
In other news, a Louisiana man on trial for murder said he thought the victim was an alligator.
Which prosecutors say is a croc.


Viewer discretion is advised

Proven Leadership
News Headline: “What’s the last horror movie that truly scared you?”
News Headline: “A user’s guide to Republican candidate movie trailers.”
Asked and answered.

Frontiers of science

News Headline: “Marijuana far more potent than it used to be, tests find.”
I’ll say.
Uh. That is, QT appreciates that the scientists must know what they are doing.

QT Early Warning System

News Headline: “Scientist warns genetically modified mosquitoes could have
‘unintended consequences.’ ”
Not to be taken lightly.
Swat teams are being assembled.

QT 2016 vote count countdown update

+ Ted Cruz explaining why global warming is nothing to worry about:
“I just came back from New Hampshire, and there’s snow and ice everywhere.”
+ California Gov. Jerry Brown on the “ignorance” and “direct falsification” that have become a Ted Cruz specialty:
“I think that man has rendered himself absolutely unfit to be running for office.”
Take it easy, Governor.
This is a democracy.
Jackasses need representation, too.
+ Ted Cruz in a speech this morning:
“Today I am announcing that I am running for president of the United States.”
But let’s not get carried away. . . .

Life goes on. . . .

Milky Way
News Headline: “Billions of planets in our galaxy ‘may hold life.’ ”
And maybe one of them will get it right.

Seeing through it

News Headline: “Obama says his is ‘most transparent administration’ ever.”
News Headline: “Obama sets record for withholding government files.”
What’s the complaint?
White House comments on secrecy seem transparent enough.

60606: A reader comments

60606 CoverS.C., a New York City reader, regarding QT’s e-book comic thriller 60606, writes:
“I was reading it on my Kindle on the train and laughed so loud at one point I embarrassed myself.”
You, too, can be embarrassed because you read QT.
All you have to do is order, setting your own price, at
And thank you.

Too polite to ask

Donald Trump
News Item: “The day after announcing he’ll form a presidential exploratory committee, Donald Trump told New Hampshire activists that his business experience makes him the best candidate to reform Washington. . . .”
Some might be unkind enough to ask how a man who inherited millions and still managed to declare corporate bankruptcy four times is qualified to run the federal budget.
But not QT.