QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language (Super Bowl Edition)

Marshawn Lynch
News Headline: “Marshawn Lynch, boycotting Skittles and why the media needs to get off their high horse.”
T.D., a Spokane, Wash., reader, writes:
“I recall QT’s reminders that¬† ‘media’ is a plural noun, not singular. But how often have you seen it used both ways at once?”
News Headline: “Patriots deflate Seahawks with late interception. . . .”
News Headline: “Deflate this: Patriots storm back from 10 points down. . . .”
News Headline: “Patriots’ title will be a deflate accompli. . . .”
Stop it.
Stop it now.
And keeping in mind that baseball spring training arrives XXVIII days after Super Bowl XLIX, is it time for QT’s annual reminder that while in a ballpark, the correct past tense of “fly” is “flied”?
You could look it up.

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