A modest proposal

News Item: “Canadian legislator Pat Martin offered up one of the most original excuses ever heard for hurriedly running out of the House of Commons during a vote. His new cheap pair of underpants was too tight. . . .”
News Item: “President Obama warned Monday that states will feel the pain of a Homeland Security Department shutdown if Congress can’t break an impasse by week’s end. But on Capitol Hill, no solution was in sight. . . .”
We should thank Canada today.
A viable approach  now suggests itself to persuade Congress into action.
Wedgies all around.

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Don’t know much about history,
don’t know much biology. . . .

Empty Classroom
News Headline: “Scott Walker calls for steep cuts to Wisconsin university system.”
News Headline: “Rauner’s budget plan to cut $209 million in University of Illinois funding.”
News Headline: “Brownback cuts Kansas school funding.”
To N.P., a Chicago reader, who asks if Tea Party governors are cutting school funds because ignorant electorates are easier to trick:
Heavens to Betsy, what a dreadful thing to say.

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From Poor QT’s Almanack

George Washington
On this day in history 223 years ago President Washington signed the Postal Service Act, creating the U.S. Post Office, which, when you think of it, was pretty socialist of him.

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