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QT trickle-on economics update

Jeff Greene
Billionaire Jeff Greene warned  non-billionaire Americans this week that their “lifestyle expectations are far too high” and “need to be adjusted” toward a “smaller” existence with “less things.”
In a related development, American Express, whose CEO recently received an 11 percent raise in compensation to $24 million a year, announced it hoped to increase profits by cutting the jobs of 4,000 workers, many of whom will have to adjust to a smaller existence with less things.


Jeb Bush
News Headline: “Jeb Bush makes secret stop in Boston.”
News Headline: “Bush secretly huddles with Romney.”
Say one thing for Jeb Bush.
He can keep a secret.

Still taking stock

Wall Street
+ Dave Carr, an Owen Sound, Ontario, reader, regarding QT’s request that readers not play games with  the news story of a woman who quit a Wall Street investment bank to become a porn star, writes:
“I imagine she may still dabble in strip bonds.”
+ L.P., a Chicago reader, writes:
“When one of your readers mentioned interest in arrears, was this a reference to assets management?”
Stop it.
Stop it now.


QT Super Bowl countdown, DeflVIIIgVIII edition

News Headline: “Patriots coach denies knowledge of deflated footballs.”
We’ll have to see if this is II little, II late, with X days remaining until Super Bowl XLIX.
In other sporting news, the NFL has now recorded XLVI police arrests of players since
Super Bowl XLVIII.

Annals of modern research

ButterflyNews Headline: “Intersex butterfly stuns scientists.”
News Headline: “Photo of thresher shark giving birth stuns scientists.”
Do our scientists stun too easily?

Taking stock

Wall Street
+ Jim West, a Macomb, Ill., reader, regarding the news story of a woman who quit a Wall Street investment bank to become a porn star, writes:
“I think she’s entering a bare market.”
+ S.H., a New York City reader, writes:
“Does this have to do with having interest in arrears?”
Stop it.
Stop it now.


Or think of him as borderline. . . .

Steve King
News Headline: “Rep. Steve King: Undocumented aliens bringing Ebola, beheadings
to the U.S.”
News Headline: “Rep. Steve King says Obama invited ‘deportable’ to State of the Union.”
As we continue to hear about the deportable from the certifiable.

State of the Attention Span

State of the Union
News Headline: “Obama team tailors State of the Union for age of Twitter and YouTube.”
News Headline: “Mexican man walks 1,200 miles with soccer ball on his head.”
Sorry, Mr. President.
You’ve already lost the Twitter and YouTube people.

Trading places

Wall Street
News Headline: “Investment banking intern quits Wall Street to become porn star.”
And we can hope she won’t be haunted by the depravity she escaped.

We have seen the present, and it does not work

Vanderbilt Protest
News Headline: “Move to outlaw hate speech in Thailand.”
News Headline: “54 arrested in France for hate speech.”
News Headline: “Vanderbilt students rally against hate speech.”
When you see the phrase “hate speech” in a news report, replace it with “free speech.”
It gives a better sense of the story.