QT Super Bowl XLIX final countdown updVIII

Super Bowl
A poll has found that XLI percent of Americans believe the New England Patriots cheated their way to Super Bowl XLIX, with  XVII percent believing the Patriots did not cheat and XXXII percent having no opinion, while the final count of NFL players arrested since Super Bowl XLVIII is XLVI, which isn’t to be confused with the arrests of CDX pimps and prostitutes by Arizona law enforcement in preparation for the weekend. . . with II days to go.

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Damn! Torpedoes! Full speed astern!

Dem Retreat
News Headline: “Democrats cave in to another round of sequestration cuts.”
News Headline: “Most Democrats avoid health care on campaign trail.”
News Headline: “Senate Democrats drop assault weapons ban from gun bill.”
News Headline: “Democrats give in on transportation funding, accept GOP plan.”
News Headline: “Obama, Biden expected in Philadelphia for Dems’ policy retreat.”
. . . and will have so many retreats to talk over.

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QT Super Bowl XLIX countdown updVIII

Chicken Wings
News Item: “. . . 1.25 billion chicken wings will be consumed during Super Bowl XLIX. . .  .
If one laid 1.25 billion wings end-to-end, assuming an average length of 3.5 inches, they would stretch to and from CenturyLink Field in Seattle to Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass., almost 28 times. . . . The wings would also circle the Grand Canyon 120 times. It’s enough wings to put 572 on every seat in all 32 NFL stadiums, and they weigh about 5,955 times more than the poundage of the Seahawks and Patriots entire 52-man rosters combined. . . .”
And we haven’t even gotten to the chips and dip. . . .

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Status update

Mark Zuckerberg
News Headline: “Two weeks after Zuckerberg said ‘Je Suis Charlie,’ Facebook begins censoring images of Muhammad.”
Est-ce que parce que Zuckerberg est un hypocrite spectaculaire?
Mais oui!

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Breaking news. . . .

Blizzard CNN
News Headline: “Did New York overreact to 2015 Blizzard?”
It reacted in correct proportion to endless hours of breathless TV news coverage.
The blizzard is finally gone.
What will CNN do now?
This just in:
There are unconfirmed reports that six of Tom Brady’s footballs have gone missing in the Indian Ocean. . . .

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