Word association

Dick Cheney
News Headline: “Dismissing CIA report, Dick Cheney defends CIA interrogations.”
News Headline: “Rectal rehydration and waterboarding: How the CIA tortured its detainess.”
The stories about Dick Cheney and rectal rehydration seemed to go together, for some reason.
Do they ever.

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And hold the Mao

Zhou and Xi
News Headline (2012): “Zhou meets Chinese police officers with Hu, Wen, Xi.”
News Headline (2014): “China’s Communist Party expels former security chief Zhou.””
Wait a minute. Who was expelled?
No. Zhou.
I wasn’t expelled. So Hu was expelled?
No. Zhou.
And where was Xi in all this?
Don’t bring women into it. All I’m trying to tell you is Xi expelled Zhou.
She did? When?
No. Wen had nothing to do with it. . . .

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Today’s Christmas directions

Christmas Pudding
Bill Scott, an East Northport, N.Y., reader, regarding QT’s annual reminder that Christmas pudding should be stirred clockwise and a reader’s wondering if this is related to the rule against going widdershins around a church, writes:
“Does the rule apply south of the equator?”
Probably best to avoid widdershins and stay with the deasil antipodally.
Which reminds QT that the most dangerous occupation in Sweden is herding reindeer.
Ho, Ho, Ho!

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