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In search of new mobs

Feeguson CoverageNews Headline: “Al Sharpton chimes in on Ferguson verdict. . . .”
News Headline: “Ted Nugent on Ferguson grand jury decision. . . .”
For those who thought the worst might be over.

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language

News Item: “. . . The Cook County commissioner then honed in on Emanuel’s Achilles heel: the closing of a record 50 Chicago public schools. . . .”
George Hillier Sr., a Highland, Ind., reader, asks for a reminder that it is “home in,”
not “hone in.”
News Item: “. . . . ‘Our forests are really in terrible shape,’ she said, choked by a variety of exotic, invasive vines. . . .”
K.R., a Baltimore reader, wonders if the woman isn’t in worse shape than the forests.
And while we’re at it, quick, before the football season is over:
Cheerleaders don’t wave pompoms.
Cheerleaders wave pompons.


We have seen the present, and it does not work

Africa Ebola
Band Aid’s new single raising funds to fight Africa’s Ebola epidemic has been called offensive because the lyrics, in alluding to the epidemic, “cast Africa in a negative light” and give “the impression that Africa doesn’t have the capacity to do things for itself.”

The X’s and O’s and Zzzzzz’s

Football Timeout
D.B., a Chicago reader, writes:
“I was watching an NFL game Sunday, and thanks to all the timeouts and reviews and  commercials, the final five minutes of the game took more nearly 40 minutes to play. Can anything more be done to slow this game down?”
Hard to say.
We’ll have to ask the football people who like to call baseball tedious.


The latest foe outrage

Debt Showdown
News Headline: “Republicans react furiously to Obama immigration plan.”
News Headline: “Obama accused of creating ‘constitutional crisis.’ ”
News Headline: “Rand Paul: Obama must be stopped.”
And then they went on vacation

Don’t you see how it all connects?

Obama and Phone
News Headline: “Obama forgets his phone, runs back into the White House to get it.”
Obviously another ploy to distract us from his lawless tyranny.

QT trickle-on economics update

Wal-Mart Food Drive
+ The Walton family, heirs to Wal-Mart, have doubled and redoubled their wealth six times in the last 30 years to more than $150 billion.
+ There are food drives again this year for Wal-Mart workers who are hungry.

Today’s good news

News Headline:
“FSU shooting survivor: Textbooks in backpack stopped a bullet.”
This is doubly good news.
A life was saved.
And millennials have found an occasional use for books.

Not gone but forgotten

Veterans Affairs

News Headline: “Six months since VA scandal broke, and ‘nothing has changed.’ ”
The Department of Veterans Affairs should be commended for its efficiency.
It often takes years for the federal government to accomplish nothing.

Economics 101

Elizabeth Warren
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) expressing disappointment at President Obama’s latest appointment to the Treasury Department:
“. . . Enough is enough. . . . Wall Street executives dominating the Obama administration. . . . repeatedly turned to nominees with close Wall Street ties . . .  time for the Obama administration to loosen the hold that Wall Street banks have over economic policy. . . .”
Warren is new to politics and fails to grasp the order of things.
To review:
The Republicans are in bed with Wall Street.
The Democrats curl up at the foot of the bed.