From the QT police blotter

+ R.E., a Chicago reader, regarding an Idaho man who was arrested for throwing a burrito at a woman and later told police, when the question arroz, that he didn’t intend tequila, writes:
“This is what happens to a guy who flautas the law.”
+ P.D., a Geneseo, N.Y., reader, writes:
“Sounds like a queso self-defense to me.”
+ Kevin G. Barkes, a South Park, Pa., reader, and proprietor of the KGB Report, writes:
“I don’t want to taco about it.”
+ Dan Skowron, a Romeoville, Ill., reader, writes:
“He really should hire a lawyer in quesadilla can be made.”
Stop it.
Stop it now.
This is asada display as QT has ever seen.


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