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The Strange Case of. . . .

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
News Headline: ” ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’  takes the stage in time for Halloween.”
As long as everyone on stage remembers that the first syllable of “Jekyll” should be pronounced JEE-kull.
But more to the point:
Happy Halloween!

Power in reserve

McConnell and Boehner
Republican energy lobbyist Michael McKenna when asked about fellow Republicans who keep saying “I’m not a scientist” when asked about climate change:
“It’s got to be the dumbest answer I’ve ever heard.”
Some people sell our politicians short.
There are four days left to the campaigning.
There is still time to surpass and excel. . . .

Move along, nothing to see here

Homeless Child
News Headline: “Child poverty in the U.S. ranks among the worst in the developed world.”
Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with developments in the greatest nation on Earth.

Sometimes we do put on airs

Chuck Hagel
News Headline: “Hagel: I think we are seeing a new world order.”
Which raises the question:
When has there ever been one?

Frontiers of science

Liquor and Chocolate
News Headline: “Chocolate could reverse memory loss.”
News Headline: “Drinking after 60 actually helps fend off dementia.”
Keep up the good work, researchers!

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language

Dave Benson, a Kalamazoo, Mich., reader, regarding reminders that there is no “the” in Smokey Bear, no “the” in front of Magna Carta  or hoi polloi and always a “the” in front of the Mahatma Gandhi and the Rev. Jane Smith, writes:
“And there is The Ohio State University–not to mention an alternative rock band in The 90s named The The.”
Which isn’t to mention a favorite rock band from The 60s that many people called The Cream when, in fact, it was Cream.
Which reminds QT for some reason of another band, Was (Not Was).
Which isn’t anymore.


Testing positive for politics

Paul LePage
News Headline:
“Maine Gov. LePage seeks authority to quarantine nurse who treated Ebola patients.”
News Headline: “U.S. nurse fights Maine quarantine over Ebola fears.”
The nurse has twice tested negative for the virus.
But she should be careful here.
Obstruction of pandering is a serious crime.

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language

Hoi Polloi
Beverly Feldt, a Homewood, Ill., reader, regarding QT’s reminder that there is no “the” in Smokey Bear, no “the” in front of Magna Carta and always a “the” in front of the Mahatma Gandhi, writes:
“Why don’t we take all the ‘the’s’ from in front of  ‘the hoi polloi’ and give them to poor ‘Rev
Jane Smith’?”
You are right. And the Rev. Jane Smith would probably agree that “the hoi polloi” are “the the many”–or “the the masses.”
Just as she might agree that we are about to end Daylight Saving Time, not Daylight Savings Time.
But we would have to check with the Rev. Smith for that.


Behind the ramparts

Ebola Panic
News Headline: “Ebola panic hits schools, businesses, airlines across the U.S.”
News Headline: “Ebola makes Americans more likely to give up their civil liberties.”
News Headline: “Staind’s Aaron Lewis forgets the words to national anthem.”
While we’re on the subject, are we laying it on a bit these days with “the home of the brave”?

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language

Smokey Bear
News Headline: “Smokey the Bear turns 70”.
News Headline: “800th birthday celebration planned for the Magna Carta.”
News Headline:  Honoring Mahatma Gandhi’s 145th birthday at the White House.”
And as a  birthday present to them all, a reminder:
There is no “the” in Smokey Bear.
There is no “the” in front of Magna Carta.
There is always a “the” in front of the Mahatma Gandhi.
Happy Birthdays!