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The fate of the world and related matters

Washington State v Washington
News Headline: “Washington State coach Mike Leach predicts the extinction of humankind.”
Always give a wide berth to a coach with a 2-3 start.

Buttocks shootings in the news

Man Shot
News Headline: “Bayonne man shot in buttocks in Jersey City.”
News Headline: “Man shot in buttocks in Des Moines barber shop parking lot.”
News Headline: “Two men shot in buttocks in separate incidents in Baltimore.”
News Headline: “Tulsa man shot in buttocks.”
Dave Carr, an Owen Sound, Ontario, reader, writes:
“When will we put these shootings behind us? What deep-seated problems do these shooters have? I could go on. . . .”
Stop it.
Stop it now.


QT 2014 vote count countdown update

Political Hypocrisy
News Headline: “Letter: Republicans engage in ‘egregious hypocrisy.’ ”
News Headline: “Letter: Hypocrisy is astounding among Democrats.”
If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

Frontiers of science

747 Drone
News Headline: “Facebook plans to put 747-sized drones in the sky.”
What could possibly go wrong?

QT Early Warning System

Man Shot

News Headline: “Two men shot in buttocks in separate incidents in Baltimore.”
P.B., a Bethesda, Md., reader, writes:
“Can’t be a coincidence.”
In fact, these two shootings follow a Baltimore buttocks shooting two weeks earlier.
And this just in:
News Headline: “Tulsa man shot in buttocks.”
Be on the lookout.


Don’t you see it?

President Obama
News Headline: “Tea Party congressman: Holder’s resignation a way to distract from the horrors of Obamacare.”
We already know from the Tea Party that President Obama has used Obamacare to distract from the IRS, the IRS to distract from Benghazi, Benghazi to distract from the IRS, and now, going full circle, Eric Holder to distract from Obamacare.
What will this alien trickster try next?

Guns don’t kill shoppers. . . .

No Guns
News Headline: “Gun store owner starts Facebook page to list, boycott anti-gun businesses.”
Finally, a  list of places where it is safe to shop.

On the agenda

Values Voter Summit
News Headline: “Multi-tasking makes your brain smaller.”
News Headline: “What to expect at the 2014 Values Voter Summit.”

And fries with that

Chicken Marsala
News Headline: “Chicken at Food Safety Summit sickens 216 attendees.”
A renewed warning that outbreaks of irony can occur at any time or place, without warning.

Everyone needs an occasional break

Computer Keyboard
News Headline: “Congressman seeks to ban feds from watching porn while at work.”
We might cut the federal workers some slack.
What harm is there in a few minutes of C-SPAN?