Staying the course

Birther Billboard

News Item: “. . . Nearly a quarter of all those polled revealed that they agree with the assertion that Obama is not an American citizen. . . .”
Always try to look on the bright side.
Three out of four people you see on the street aren’t nitwits.

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Advanced studies

Minimum Wage

News Headline: “Minimum wage must not be allowed to obstruct job creation.”
News Headline: “Job growth picks up in states that raised minimum wage.”
A note to those who like to say it’s Economics 101 that higher wages kill jobs:
Have you thought of signing up for Economics 102?

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No schadenfreude here

Water Belt


News Headline: “California drought will only get worse, experts say.”
Good luck to all those having trouble.
And let’s forget those years when the Western states enjoyed referring to the Midwest and Northeast as the “Rust Belt.”
Or as we call these regions now:
The Water Belt.

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The case for zero tolerance of modern school administrators

Marshalltown High School

Marshalltown High School in Iowa, which asked its students to wear one of its red-white-and-blue school colors for spirit week, the juniors being assigned white, has suspended a junior athlete for three football games because he posed on the Internet wearing a white T-shirt, white shorts, white socks and white shoes and holding a “W,” which, according to the school, was racist.

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