QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language

News Headline: “Sewer system explosion in Calumet City leaves massive crater.”
Mike Oelrich, a Chicago reader, writes:
“I thought this was interesting, as a crater has no mass whatsoever.”
You are one of those purists, aren’t you, who believe that “massive” means having great mass and should not refer to things that have great size, but no mass.
But look at it this way:
Today’s news tells us of a ¬†massive boulder, a massive landslide, a massive rotting blue whale. . .
. . . and a massive redesign, a massive trend, a massive PR problem, a massive step, a massive advantage, massive ratings, a massive predawn raid. . . .
And we shouldn’t forget funeral directors who find their job to be a massive undertaking.
Tell you what.
We can all agree on this:
The word is massively overused.

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