Duty, Honor, Country, not

Dick Cheney

News Headline: “Cheney calls Obama the ‘weakest’ president of his lifetime.”
For some reason, QT just now thought of Calvin Trillin’s reminder that dodgers of military risk who are eager to send others to war shouldn’t be called chicken hawks:
“A chicken hawk, which exists in nature, is a hawk that preys on chickens, not a hawk that acts like a chicken.”
Trillin suggests sissy hawks.
QT just thought of that, for some reason.

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All aboard

News Headline: “GOP seizes upon Veterans Affairs scandal in new attacks against Democrats.”
News Headline: “Democratic senators push Shinseki under the bus.”
News Headline: “Obama accepts VA secretary’s resignation.”
That was a tough few weeks, but things are finally settling down.
And now we can go back to bipartisan neglect.

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QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language

President Obama in a statement about Iraq and Afghanistan:
“When I took office, we had nearly 180,000 troops in harm’s way. By the end of this year, we will have less than 10,000.”
R.S., a Chicago reader, wants to remind the president that “few ” is for quantities that can be counted and “less” is for quantities that can’t be counted.
Which becomes  more complicated when referring to soldiers and sailors who have become veterans in need of medical care.
At which point they no longer seem to count.
More or less.

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These things happen

Rush Limbaugh

News Headline: “CNN pulls doomsday story about asteroid on collision course with Earth.”
All a mistake.
Unlike Asteroid 2014 KC45, which was discovered yesterday shortly after it passed within 50,000 miles of us.
But it was a smallish asteroid, and if it had hit, say, Palm Beach, Fla., it would have caused a crater no larger than Rush Limbaugh’s estate and beachfront.
So there is something to be said for asteroids.

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