News Item:
“Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is to meet Shanghai government officials, academics and students in his first visit to China, signaling Twitter’s i–”
Not  enough characters allowed to complete a thought. . . .

News Item: “. . . from a museum that says humans co-existed with dinosaurs. . . .”
Or should we dismiss creationist theory so quickly?.
We sometimes forget it was subject to peer review by both Fred and Wilma.

The Case for Zero Tolerance of Modern School Administrators:
A senior at Ashtabula Technical High School in Ohio was expelled because a folding knife issued for his training as an emergency medical technician was found in an EMT medical vest in the trunk of his car.

News Headline: “Paris Hilton celebrates St. Patrick’s day in a plunging green dress.”
Can it be 2,462 days since Paris Hilton announced she was leaving public life?
Not that anyone is counting.

QT Early Warning System:
Twelve days remain until National Stress Awareness Month.
Have you been preparing for it?
Time is running out.

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language:
News Headline: “A new window on the Big Bang has been opened.”
News Headline: “Big Bang’s smoking gun found.”
News Headline: “Scientists see fingerprint of Big Bang.”
Then again, after 13.8 billion years, we still can’t agree on a metaphor.


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