When we don’t have a prayer


News Headline:
“Bill Maher on Noah: God was a ‘psychotic mass murderer.’ ”
Let’s not go overboard here.
Considering the Old Testament, more like a case of narcissistic sociopathy.

News Headline: “Collapse of civilization is coming–NASA study.”
Not a study to worry us.
Hey. It’s not as if we’re dealing with rocket scientists here.

News Headline: “Congressman estimates ‘5 or 10’ members of Congress smoke weed.”
News Headline: “House GOP holds 51st anti-Obamacare vote.”
Figure the weed-smokers are Democrats.
Republicans seem to prefer crystal meth.

C.T., a Chicago reader, writes:
“A week ago last Friday you told us that as far as asteroids were concerned, ‘nothing is coming near us this weekend.’ Then you added, ‘that we know of.’  Then on Friday you told us Asteroid 2014 EX24 came between Earth and the moon that weekend only to be discovered three days later. Then you told us nothing was coming near us this weekend ‘that we know of.’ Well? Did anything come near us this weekend?”
Not that we know of.

News Headline: “Suicide bomber misfires while parking, kills only himself.”
What kind of times do we live in?
Hope you enjoyed Today’s Chuckle.

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language:
M.B., a Chicago reader, having seen an Internet posting that referred to itself as the start of a “collective constructive exchange,” wants to know when chain letters became collective constructive exchanges, and when can we have chain letters back?
Good question.
Pass it on.

This can be done here

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