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News Headline: “George W. Bush’s paintings are getting their own exhibit.”
As you’ll recall, he did some of his best work into corners.

News Headline: “Arizona Senate: Business owners can cite religion to refuse service to gays.”
R.M.., a Las Vegas reader, writes:
“If a locomotive engineer has a religion that says drinking alcohol is a sin, can he refuse to move a train carrying barley to a malting house that makes malt to be  sold to breweries to make beer?”
And then he can go back to peeking into bedrooms.

QT Trickle-On Economics Update:
Qantas, which recently gave its CEO $1 million in bonuses, is preparing a major layoff of workers to cut costs.

Kentucky Democratic senatorial candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes regarding charges that she is an “empty dress”:
“That’s about as accurate as Mitch McConnell being a Chippendale dancer–”
Do not let yourself visualize this.
Too late?

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language:
Jack Finarelli, a Falls Church, Va., reader, writes:
“You recently informed us that a hamlet is a village without a church. So what is a village without an idiot?”
Hard to say. It varies with Ted Nugent’s travel plans.
An imbecile is smarter than an idiot, but not as smart as a moron, as long as we’re at it.

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