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News Headline: “U.S. faces clown shortage.”
News Headline: “Is Congress taking too much recess?”

A Canadian sports columnist on an upset of the Canadians in Olympic ice dancing:
“Strip away the sequins, wipe off the pancake makeup, delete the frozen-in-place smiles, and what’s left is a tawdry whore of a sport where the judges are the johns.”
Yes, but it’s such a graceful tawdry whore of a sport.

News Headline: “Kansas lawmakers propose anti-gay bill.”
News Headline: “Kansas bill would allow spanking that leaves marks.”
We already know that Kansas Republicans take a dim view of gay sex.
But don’t interfere with their S&M.

News Headline: “Sheriff’s deputy shoots man with machete.”
L.M., a Denver reader, wonders if the deputy knew the machete was loaded.

News Headline: “Insurance denies life-saving treatment for Md. man.”
The good news is we’re still staying clear of socialized medicine and the death panels.

News Headline: “11 naughty-sounding scientific names (and what they really mean): From Turdus Maximus to Pinus Rigida.”
Depend on QT to keep you up to date on science news.

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language:
+ Bill Bouxsein, a Princeton, Ill., reader, regarding another reader’s noting that TV pundits seem to begin all their answers with the word “So,” writes:
“The word is ‘Look.’ Look, look at these shows, if you doubt me.”
+ Turning to the weather, T.F., a Luxemburg, Wis., reader, writes:
” ‘When all is said and done. . . .’ At what point were TV weathermen required to start using this phrase in describing the predicted results of a storm? What happened to ‘when it’s over’?”
So, look, when all is said and done. . . .

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