Today’s Tea Party updates

News Headline: “Sarah Palin invited, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan confirmed to speak at CPAC 2014.”
News Headline: “Sen. Lee to deliver Tea Party response to State of the Union.”
News Headline: “Promising new approach to fighting resistant infections.”
Scientists are doing what they can.

News Headline: “A high-wire swearing-in for Christie.”
News Headline: “Christie sidesteps scandals in second inaugural address.”
Are we watching a politician learn it isn’t a good idea to sidestep while on a high wire?

News Headline: “Politician suspended for claiming gay marriage caused England to be ‘afflicted by storms and floods.’ ”
It took gay marriage to do it.
But the far right seems almost ready to accept climate change.

QT XI Days Until Super Bowl XLVIII Update:
According to the final count, NFL players suffered CLII concussions during the MMXIII season.
The most were suffered by cornerbacks, safeties and wide receivers, with XXIII, XX and XX, respectively.

News Headline: “Virginia bill would criminalize oral sex between teenagers.”
News Headline: “Virginia bill seeks to criminalize celebratory gunfire.”
Recommended, in any event, not to follow one with the other.

QT Tangled World Wide Web Update:
+ The number of Google hits for “tap-dancing militant Islamic fundamentalists” is holding steady at about 1,600
+ There remain zero Google hits for “aggressive criminal prosecutions of Wall Street executives by the Obama administration.”

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language:
Rich Rzadzki, a Chicago reader, regarding another reader’s wondering when calling or making contact with someone became “reaching out,” writes:
“I had a boss who seemed to think ‘going forward’  was the way to say ‘proceed.’ ”
Another takeaway on the subject of annoying words and phrases.
Thanks for the value added.


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