It’s a small world, after all

News Headline: “Hurtling toward a nine-billion head count.”
News Headline: “Pacific Ocean warming 15 times faster than before.”
News Headline: “Huge increase in Amazon deforestation rate.”
We’re just asking for it, aren’t we?

News Headline: “New deal would keep U.S. in Afghanistan until 2024.”
News Headline: “Afghanistan to reintroduce public stoning as punishment for adultery.”
Keep in mind that our soldiers won’t be risking their lives for nothing.
Our soldiers will be risking their lives for worse than nothing.

News Headline: “Here are 5 great apps for your iPod Air.”
Add greatness to the list of things that aren’t what they used to be.
News Headline: “George W. Bush says eight years in office ‘plenty.’ ”
But understatement remains alive and well.

News Headline: “Woman finds lost diamond ring 17 years later.”
News Headline: “York County man finds ring lost 44 years ago.”
News Headline: “Swedish woman finds 2,000-year-old ring in field.”
It’s probably safe to retire these stories now.

News Headline: “City where it’s illegal to smoke in your own home.”
As we hear from the San Rafael, Calif., chapter of the National Association of People Who Have Found a Socially Acceptable Way to Push Other People Around.

QT Newth You Can Uthe:
The owner of a Pennthylvania tattoo thop ith offering lifetime free tongue pierthingth, along with tattooth and other body art, for informathion leading to arrethtth in recthent break-inth there.
Tho be on the lookout.

News Item: “. . . The farthest galaxies are, to human eyes, ‘literally invisible,’ says the. . . . ”
A reminder that we aren’t even a visible speck, viewed from where we’re looking at.

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language:
K.R., a Baltimore reader, writes:
“The word is ‘envoy,’ not ‘onvoy.’ We never should have been so tolerant of ‘onvelopes.’ ”
Which tempts QT to envelope its readers with another shameless promotion of its new e-book novel 60606, which has been called suspenseful and hilarious and can be purchased AT THIS HANDY LOCATION, name your price, and what are you waiting for?
But QT will resist the temptation.

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