And Old Man Potter likes what he sees

News Headline: “Retail stores push further into Thanksgiving Day.”
News Headline: ” ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ sequel in the works.”
As the holidays near, it is good to remember that every time a cash register rings, an angel gets his wings cut off.

News Item: “China’s showpiece Tianhe-2 computer is almost twice as fast as its nearest rival. . . 33,863 trillion calculations per second. . . .”
A reminder that these feats are measured using either binary arithmetical calculations in the floating-point unit or the average time for a micro-instruction to be run by the processor collectively across all the pipelines in one time slice.
In other words, we’re taking the computer’s word for it.

News Headline: “House GOP 2014 agenda starts with a blank slate.”
Credit where credit is due.
Best House GOP  agenda in years.

Paul Shubin, a Montreal reader, regarding QT’s new e-book novel 60606, which has been called suspenseful and hilarious and can be purchased AT THIS HANDY LOCATION, and what are you waiting for, writes:
“How do you put a bookmark between the pages of an e-book?”
Funny you should ask.
Anyone who purchases the book by midnight Friday will receive an official QT virtual bookmark along with the book.
Don’t ask how QT will do this.
It just will.

News Headline: “Qatar accidentally builds ‘vagina stadium’ for World Cup.”
That’s the architect’s story, and she’s sticking to it.

News Item: “The nation’s largest lobbying industry group, the American League of Lobbyists, is changing its name to the Association of Government Relations Professionals. . . .”
. . . and not to worry, if you fall in line on this, you’ll be slipped a little scratch.

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language:
News Headline: “Ryan makes Iowa stop.”
An isn’t it time somebody stopped Iowa?
Now we can turn our attention to Florida.
Or maybe Texas. . . .

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