Sic transistor gloria. . . .

News Headline: “Cleaning gadget ‘switches itself on’ and moves onto kitchen hotplate in ‘suicide bid.’ ”
News Headline: “Is this the first-ever robot suicide from too much housework?”
Or maybe a case of techsistential despair.

News Headline: “The ‘Francis effect’: 5 ways the pope is resuscitating the Catholic Church.”
News Headline: “Archbishop pledges to release names of priests who sexually abused children.”
Forget the CPR.
We’ll need cables and a car battery.

News Headline: Sarah Palin tells African-Americans they misinterpreted the word ‘slavery.’ ”
QT Digest of a Tuesday Radio Interview of Sarah Palin (for Your Convenience):
“. . . I honestly cannot think. . . .”
So now you have the gist.

News Headline: “Cell-phone thefts in major U.S. cities become crime epidemic.”
But is there a downside?

The Case for the Separation of Church and Everything:
A Methodist minister in Pennsylvania will soon be put on trial by the church and possibly defrocked because he officiated at his son’s same-sex marriage.

News Headline: “Typhoon Haiyan: Gun culture of the Philippines hinders relief effort.”
Is there anything the gun culture can’t do?

Beware the ides of National Family Literacy Month.

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language:
+ Jonathon Eros, a San Francisco reader, regarding QT’s reminder that there is no “x” in “espresso,” writes:
“Even if you have it brewed for you PDQ in the express lane?”
QT still prefers the espress lane.
+ Ellen Hinsch, a Columbia, S.C., reader, writes:
“Would you please remind your readers (and everyone else in the English-speaking world) that a shift in the financial calendar is pronounced FISS-kul, not PHYSICAL. Thank you. It drives me nuts in October and November every year.”
And that’s it!
QT did it!
QT made it through an entire column without a single shameless promotion of its new e-book novel 60606, which offers both suspense and hilarity and can be purchased AT THIS HANDY LOCATION, and what are you waiting for?
Oh. Right.
Never mind.

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