What? A novel? From QT?

Z.N.S., a Chicago reader, writes:
“I hear you’ve completed a novel! From what I understand, 60606  is the suspenseful tale of a newspaper reporter who runs afoul of right-wing religious terrorists, among other things! And that it is hilarious at times, as well! And that it is in special e-book pre-release for QT readers! How can I purchase a copy?”
No. Sorry.
QT will not tell readers that they can find out more by going here.
QT does not indulge  in shameful self-promotion.
It prefers shameless self-promotion.

QT XCV Days Until Super Bowl XLVII Update:
In the past VII years, NFL players have been arrested CDIII times, including CX  for drunk driving,  LXIV for drugs, XLIV for assault, XXII for battery, XXIX for domestic violence, and XXXIII for guns.

News Headline: “Black sesame seeds can be so much more than a decoration.”
Slow news day.

QT News You Can Use:
Martha Stewart wants you to know that the necessary equipment for carving a Halloween pumpkin includes a keyhole saw, a sabre saw, a wood gouge, a linoleum cutter, a hole cutter, a plaster scraper, a melon-ball scooper and a power drill.

News Headline: “United Nations adopts plan to defend Earth from threatening asteroids.”
Such as Asteroid 2013 UX2, the second asteroid in a week to be discovered after it had passed between Earth and the moon.
But this matter has now attracted the attention of a U.N. committee.
So we can breathe easier.

From the QT Archive of Knowledge:
+ Fifteen thousand male witches were put to death in Europe between 1450 and 1750.
+ Happy Halloween!

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language:
Jack Finarelli, a Falls Church, Va., reader, writes:
“What is the distinction between ‘avow’ and ‘aver’?”
Someone has been doing crosswords.
QT will asseverate that much.
And as we are almost at the Halloween moment:
The first syllable of  “Jekyll,” as in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, rhymes with “bleak.”
And there is no “hollow” in Halloween.

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