It never lets up, does it

News Headline: “Each year, 500 U.S. children killed, 7,500 wounded by gunshots.”
Always more complaining about dead children.
See what the NRA has to put up with?

News Headline: “Rick Santorum describes GOP as leaderless and in a state of ‘mess and confusion.’ ”
And mind you, he’s dwelling on the positive.

The Case for the San Andreas Fault:
San Jose, Calif., has shut down school fundraising car washes because of environmental concerns raised by soap and water.

News Headline: “Dick Cheney: Military action against Iran may be inevitable.”
If Cheney were startled suddenly from a deep sleep, would his first mumbled words be “military action may be inevitable”?

News Headline: “Designer unveils plans for underwater city.”
No need.
A few more years of climate change, and we’ll have Boston and Miami.

News Headline: “Nanoscale engineering boosts performance of quantum dot light diodes.”
And isn’t it about time?

News Headline: “Lego people to outnumber real people by 2019.”
Which is when they will make their move.

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language:
News Item: “. . . leaving behind a grizzly scene. . . .”
News Item: “. . . go into all the grizzly details. . . .”
News Item: “. . . when she made the grizzly discovery. . . .”
. . . that our nation’s bear population seems to need thinning.
And J.R., a Chicago reader, reminds us that Daylight Savings Time will not end this Sunday.
Daylight Saving Time will.

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