In other news. . . .

News Headline: ” ‘Glee’ to end after sixth season.”
Our long national nightmare is over.

News Headline: “House stenographer removed during vote on shutdown, debt limit.”
Or as the stenographer announced while being led off the House floor:
“. . . God shall not be mocked. A House divided cannot stand. . . He will not be mocked. Don’t touch me. He will not be
mocked. . . This is not one nation under God. . .  Had it been, it would not have been. No. It would not have been. . . .”
No truth to reports the stenographer was subsequently invited to speak before the Tea Party Caucus.

The Case for Zero Tolerance of Modern School Administrators:
A boy who drew a funny picture of a cartoon bomb and showed it off  at Hillcrest Middle School  in Simpsonville, S.C., was suspended for posing a “threat to student safety.”

News Headline: “London firefighters urge ‘common sense’ after penis freed from toaster.”
News Headline: “Did Republicans learn their lesson from the government shutdown?”
Maybe if the Republicans had listened to the London firefighters. . . .

News Headline: “Oregon Ducks to wear pink helmets against Washington State to fight breast cancer.”
QT never thought it would say this.
Go, Ducks!

QT Digest of the Week that Was (for Your Convenience):
“. . .  edge of the cliff. . . rabid. . . kick the can down the road. . . steamroll. . . forest for the trees. . . nuclear bomb. . . hostage. . . cancerous. . . matches and gasoline. . . .”
In other news, a bipartisan congressional committee met to discuss raising the metaphor ceiling.

News Item: “. . . has developed a theory that President Obama is actually the dead terrorist Osama bin Laden. . . .”
The debt crisis is done.
Our politics have finally returned to normal.

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language:
Rich Rzadzki, a Chicago reader, writes:
“Perhaps you should  mention that a ‘factoid’ is not a fact but a ‘fabricated statement presented as fact but without supporting evidence.’  That would seem germane to the recent blatherings in D.C.”
And is one of those points that deserve repeating.
Or reblathering, if in D.C.

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