Final notice for GOP

News Headline: “What default? Republicans downplay impact of U.S. debt limit.”
Kids, go get grandpa and ask him what it was like when Republicans talked about meeting responsibilities instead of how to get away with being a deadbeat.

News Headline: “Ted Cruz dominates Republican straw poll.”
Or as Cruz put it in his recent 21-hour Senate speech, presented here in QT Digest Form:
” I. . . can’t. . . believe. . . Americans. . . are. . . buying. . .
this. . . .”
Again, this is in digest form.
But we have the gist.

News Headline: “Topeka library wrestles with concealed-carry law.”
Time is being wasted.
We need the concealed carry.
How else to deal with the national epidemic of library violence?

News Item: “. . . Quebec schools. . .  ordered to hire spiritual animators. . .  to  run anti-bullying campaigns. . .  focus on young people’s search for meaning. . . .”
When did guidance counselors become spiritual animators, and when can we have guidance counselors back?

News Headline: “Dennis Rodman returning to North Korea.”
News Headline: “Bjorn Borg might drop underwear over North Korea.”
Just how much more can North Korea take?

News Headline: “Veterans angry over Tea Party takeover of march on memorials.”
Let’s try to be fair.
Sarah Palin and her associates fought the urge to exploit the march.
But war veterans make such good props. . . .

Modern Education + the Criminal Mind =
A bank robber in Syracuse, N.Y., returned to the bank he had robbed to complain that the teller didn’t give him as much money as he had demanded.

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language:
News Item: “. . . date back to the signing of the
Magna Carta. . . .”
J.J., a Denver reader, writes:
“If it isn’t time for your semiannual reminder that there is no ‘the’ in front of Magna Carta, it should be.”
Not to mention never a “the” in front of hoi polloi.
And who is the QT to disagree?

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