The magic of the free marketplace

News Headline: “Texas fertilizer plant had last OSHA inspection in 1985.”
News Headline: “With no safety oversight, Six Flags will investigate coaster death by itself.”
No needless intrusions by government regulators here.

News Headline: “House passes No Child Left Behind overhaul.”
In other news, investigators were looking into a fire that overhauled an apartment building in Joplin, Mo.

News Item: “Facebook, which looks set to boast its 500-millionth member, emerged as a surprise loser in a new report from the American Customer Satisfaction Index. . . complained about privacy concerns, interface changes, navigation problems and advertising. . . .”

QT Early Warning System:
R.M., a Las Vegas reader, wants you to know 19 days remain until National Atomic Testing Museum Family Fun Day.

News Headline: “Jimmy Carter says NSA leaks show U.S. has no functioning democracy.”
We’ll see what Congress has to say about that.
Wait. Congress isn’t functioning, either?

News Headline: “Gladwell: Why college football is like dog-fighting.”
Not a valid comparison, as dog-fighting deals in dumb animals.
And don’t say what you were thinking of saying.

The Case for Zero Tolerance of Modern School Administrators:
A Florida childcare teacher who smelled smoke, found a small fire in the nearby kitchen, evacuated her children and then went back in to put out the fire was terminated because she “left her room” for a moment during all this, violating school protocols.

News Item: “. . . was among 23 Americans sentenced in absentia for the abduction of the cleric by an Italian judge in 2009.  . .”
K.R., a Baltimore reader, wants to know why an Italian judge would want to abduct a cleric.

News Item: “McDonald’s second-quarter earnings rose 3.7 percent as global same-store sales ticked higher, but both top- and bottom-line growth fell short of Wall Street views and margins shrank. . . .”
It’s a McJungle out there.

News Headline: “Runaway tortoise found in Horncastle.”
Is there a more poignant sight than that of a tortoise making a break for it?

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language:
M.B., a Chicago reader, regarding another reader’s asking that if “defenestration” is throwing someone out a window, what is the word for throwing someone off a balcony, writes:
“And what is the word for doing so from a roof ?”
If you will recall, we created the word “demaenianumification” from the Latin for a balcony throw.
For throwing someone off a roof, oh, try “detectumation.”
And QT’s readers do seem busy these days.

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