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Donald Trump’s political flirtations, Obama’s Keystone indecision, and more

News Headline: “Trump’s Iowa trip sparks speculation on presidential bid.”
You can be forgiven if you greet the news with disbelief.
Then will come anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.


The Sarah Palin alarm, the spelling of Howard Dean’s scream, and more

News Headline: “Sarah Palin: Abolish the IRS”
Why was QT just reminded of the car alarm that keeps going off in its neighborhood?


The odds of Earth’s destruction-by-asteroid, the Intelligent Designer’s psychedelic spree, and more

News Headline: “Militants attack U.N. compound in Somalia.”
News Headline: “Russia warns against arming Syrian rebels”
News Headline: “U.S. Navy weapons sharpened for next generation of warfare”
For those keeping track of the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.


America’s libraries-to-McDonald’s ratio, flesh-eating rebels, and more

News Headline: “Company allows you to tweet extraterrestrials.”
As the Intergalactic Planetary Federation decides in emergency session that the termination of Earth can be put off no longer.


Who Sarah Palin is palling around with, Florida pest invasions, and more

News Headline: “Trust in Fox News hits record low”
News Headline: “Sarah Palin rejoins Fox News”
There she goes again.
Palling around with errorists.


The QT: ‘Lab-tested’ pot for dogs, Donald Trump’s invisibility cloak, and more

News Headline: “Rush Limbaugh: Obama leading ‘coup d’etat’ to ‘take over’ country”
News Headline: “Louisiana legislator invokes witch doctor to defend creationist law”
News Headline: “Warner Bros. drops  Dumb and Dumber sequel”
Too much competition.


The QT: Hu’s on first, awe over awesome bacon ads, and more

News Item: “. . . in their first meeting since Xi assumed power from ex-president Hu Jintao. . . .”
Who gave up power?
No. I mean the man’s name.
Wait. Who has the power now?
Xi does.
A woman is in charge of China?
Xi is not a woman.
Who is not a woman?
Neither is Xi. . . .


As we gaze at the cosmos

News Headline: “NASA images brightest gamma-ray burst ever.”
News Headline: “Young galaxies collide, form super galaxy 10 times the size of the Milky Way.”
The Intelligent Designer will tell you that the universe is one of his favorite video games.

QT Yellowstone Caldera (the eruptions of which can be violent enough to send a layer of ash six feet deep as far away as Chicago and which erupts every 600,000 or so years and last erupted 640,000 years ago) Update:
Some might try to make something of the fact that there were 40 earthquakes at Yellowstone in February, 101 in March, 126 in April and 170 in May.
But not QT.

News Headline: “2010 IRS conference featured ‘happiness expert,’ $17K art session.”
Not likely to happen again.
Next up:  Just how should a happiness expert react to being fired?

The Case for Zero Tolerance of Modern School Administrators, Not to Mention the System as a Whole, Come to Think of It:
Students played a prank on their high school in Washington state by spray-painting sidewalks with the words “Seinor” and “Senor Power.”

News Headline: “Pot for pets? Some owners want medical marijuana passed for pets too.”
B.T., a Chicago reader, writes:
“Doesn’t that story give you paws?”
Stop it.
Stop it now.

News Headline: “$2 million bail for gang leader suspects.”
News Headline: “Police bust motel prostitution ring.”
What is it with this continuing government vendetta against job creators?

QT Modern Corporate Gibberish of the Week:
Cytec, announcing an “exciting new identity,” changed its name to Allnex.

News Headline: “Glenn Beck: I left Fox to save my soul.”
And now on to Plan B.

From Poor QT’s Almanack:
On this day in 1973 the United Nations announced the first World Environment Day, and 40 years later, well, c’mon, what do you want, we still have one, don’t we?

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language:
+ John Teets, a Key West, Fla., reader, writes;
“I’ve just heard an NPR news person conflate ‘rebut’ and ‘refute’ for the nth time. . .  and just now a story on TB drugs that make the patient ‘nauseous.’ ”
A tough day on the radio.
Someone who rebuts is attempting to refute–but not always with success.
As for the nauseous patient:
Some dictionaries have given up on teaching distinctions.
These dictionaries now say “nauseous” can mean both causing sickness, which is correct, and feeling sick, which is not.
Almost enough to leave you nauseated, isn’t it?
+ T.D., a Chicago reader, writes:
“Have you noticed how the word ‘ubiquitous’ is popping up everywhere these days?”
The Tea Party isn’t running amuck in Congress, by the way.
It is running amok.

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News Headline: “New Yorkers want more surveillance cameras.”
George Orwell’s 1984 is taught in many schools.
But not well.

An official at  the Ark Encounter  theme park in Kentucky explaining how Noah saved Earth’s millions of species when he brought relatively few examples aboard:
“If you start with a wolf, you can basically generate all of these dog-like kinds. . . .”
Right. Of course.
This is all we need to make the Bible work:

News Headline: “Paris Hilton tweets from Cannes.”
News Headline:
“Paris Hilton has wisdom teeth removed.”
It has now been 2,174 days since Paris Hilton announced she would be leaving public life.
But who’s counting?

News Headline: “Car on roof causes safety concern.”
News Headline: “School hires 4 security guards for final week of class.”
Happy Graduation!

QT What Passes for Miracles These Days Update:
An image of Jesus has been found on a dead stingray that washed up on Sullivan’s Island, S.C.

News Headline: “Tea Party pushes Georgia Power to embrace solar energy.”
Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass
hysteria. . . .

QT Book of the Month Club:
Main Selection: Reckoning: Campaign 2012 and the Battle for the Soul of America by Roger Simon.
Amazon Kindle. $9.99.
The most perceptive (and entertaining) book on American politics since the last one he wrote.
Alternate Selection: No other books allowed until further notice.

We Have Seen the Present, and It Does Not Work:
The movie “2012,” during which almost the entire population of the planet is killed by earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis, is rated for “Mild Violence.”

News Headline: “Is Greek yogurt hurting the environment?”
When political correctness collides with political correctness. . . .

News Headline: “Police: Man falls asleep without pants in wrong house.”
There is probably an interesting story behind that.

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language:
+ Robert Crystal, a Rochester, N.Y., reader, regarding the pronunciation by Illinoisans of local towns ranging from Cairo (KAY-roh) to Marseilles (mahr-SAYLS), writes:
“I hail from western New York, where we have towns including Charlotte (shar-LOT), Chili (CHEYE-leye), Ovid (OH-vid), Avon (EH-von) and Lima (LIE-ma). If we can’t pronounce our own town names, how can we pronounce furrin ones?”
And if you are looking for the Beauchamp Tower in London, as QT once was, make sure to ask for the BEE-chum Tower.
+ Manuel Sanchez, a Chicago reader, writes:
“Does QT attach any significance to the fact that the dictionary lists ‘age’ before ‘beauty,’ ‘death’ before ‘dishonor,’ ‘pearls’ before ‘swine’ and even ‘kneel’ before ‘zod’?”
But QT is relieved to note that “pride” doesn’t go before “destruction.”
And is it time for QT’s semiannual reminder that “dour” rhymes with “fewer”?

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